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Book 1: Orinda Rising

Current Status: Revisions before final edits. Illustrations in-progress.

Estimated publication: Summer 2025

Estimated series length: 3 books in main series, plus offshoot stories


Thesfar, Fox of Goldwood, is about to embark on his Vulpitas — a journey of fifteen days to travel to the Prophet and back, taking nothing, and accepting help from no one. His future depends on the success of this quest. Failure is not an option.

Yet, failure is all that Thesfar will encounter.

Injury. Capture. War. Newfound powers.

Suddenly, Thesfar has much bigger things to worry about than his Vulpitas.

Much. Bigger.

In the first book of this upcoming series, Thesfar must move beyond his own expectations and do the next right thing to protect new friends and allies as the world stands on the brink of war.