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About Todd

Stories are powerful. Stories are transformative. Stories shape lives.

Throughout human history, Storytellers have weaved tales that have set the foundations for life. Stories are a human universal.

Todd Foxwood has experienced the power of stories first hand, both in his own experiences, and in watching his growing boys develop their own unique identities. With an itch to bring his children, and children everywhere, another story to love, Todd has set out on the adventure of becoming a Storyteller.

After years of training, study, working in libraries, and honing the craft of the written word, Todd will soon publish his debut novel, the first in an epic fantasy series for middle-grade children and their families.

Besides taking up the mantle of Storyteller, Todd helps his amazing wife homeschool their sons and uses his multiple university degrees in science to run an information & consulting business. He enjoys running, though he never thought he would say that, and loves to go for family hikes through the forests and glens of Upstate New York.